Today’s Daily Drama – Where’s Justin?

I signed on to Twitter today, only to see my timeline exploding with drama. “So where’s Justin? Canada, Florida? IS HE LYING TO US?!?!?” *Sigh.* I decided to write this to clear some things up and give you my idea on what’s going on here.

Justin tweeted this today at about noon:

Okay, so he’s in Canada. That’s good; he’s with family, right? Well, when Sean Kingston tweeted this, people flipped out:

Sean says that Justin’s coming to hang with him, but Sean is in Florida:

So, naturally, some Beliebers jumped to the conclusion that Justin’s really in Florida and is lying about being in Canada. Um…. okay. No.

First of all, Justin’s very rich. Obviously. And he has a private plane. If he wanted to make a stop in Canada to see family and friends before flying to Florida tonight, he definitely could. It’s like some of y’all haven’t heard of planes; my goodness.

Tonight, Justin will probably tweet something about being with his “big bro Sean!!!!!” and we’ll look like idiots for accusing Justin of lying about where he is. Why would he lie about that, anyway?

Let’s get this straight – Justin hides some things (with good reason), but I do not believe that he’d ever outright LIE to his fans. Especially about something like this, when he has no real reason to lie in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.


Just Stop and Support Justin.

Lately, all you see on Twitter is drama. “OMG, Justin’s with Selena AGAIN.” “Wow, Justin hasn’t tweeted today. He must hate his fans.” “Ugh, Justin always notices the same Beliebers!” No matter what your opinion on any of this, you have to admit that it’s just frustrating. Why can’t we have fun on Twitter anymore? Why can’t we still be that big, Belieber family that everyone envied in 2009? Now, we’re perceived as crazy little girls who are jealous and controlling. Is that really how you want Beliebers to be seen?

We need to back off. Justin is growing up. He’s 17 now; almost a full-blown adult. With that comes relationships, and the need for a personal life. Sure, as a celebrity, Justin will always be in the public eye. But he does deserve some privacy. He shouldn’t have to broadcast his feelings to the entire world, on Twitter or anywhere. If he’s having a bad day, he should be able to be a little down without having people say that he doesn’t care about his fans. If he doesn’t stop to take a picture with a fan, or wave at them, or talk to them, it does not mean that he’s a horrible person. Maybe he’s in a hurry. Maybe he doesn’t want to snap at them, because he’s not in a good mood. Maybe he doesn’t want to be attacked by hundreds of other screaming girls. Think about it – how would it feel to constantly have people wanting something from you? Would you want to always be smiling, when inside you just want to curl up in bed and cry? Think about how difficult that would be. Well, Justin’s LIVING it.

Then, there’s the whole Jelena thing. It really makes me angry when I see fans bashing them together. It’s like, if you were dating somebody, and your entire group of friends HATED the person you were dating for no reason, other than that they were jealous. Wouldn’t you be hurt by that? Wouldn’t it make you sad? Wouldn’t you feel betrayed, even if they weren’t hating on you? Well, that’s what it’s like for Justin, except a million times worse. Even if you’re not hating Justin directly, when you hate on Selena or bash Jelena, you’re hurting Justin. He said it himself: “If you are truly my fan, you will not put down any of my family members of friends. When you smile, I smile and when my friend hurt, I hurt.” Whatever happened to “U smile, I smile”? Whoever Justin’s with, he’s with them because it makes him happy, and you should respect that.

People keep saying that Justin is “changing”, and he doesn’t love his fans as much as he used to. BULLSHIT. That is absolutely untrue. Think about how much he does for us. Think about everything he’s sacrificed for us. He’s given up a normal life. He takes pictures and videos with as many fans as he can. He has meet and greets before every concert. He meets fans with illnesses, just to see them smile. He puts up with the paparazzi, the media, the drama, the rumors, EVERYTHING, just to make music for US. Be thankful. He does a million times more for his fans than any other celebrity, and yet he still gets hate. Right now, Justin’s on vacation. He shouldn’t be worrying about us. He should be enjoying the time he has with his family and his girlfriend, because he barely has any time for that anymore.

Justin’s older. And yes, he’s different, but he’s growing into an even more amazing person with a huge heart. He cares about us. He tries his best. He makes mistakes, like every other teenager. He’ll learn. Just be there for him. Support him, and don’t bring him down, because we’re the ones who got him to where he is today. Would you want to see him crash and burn? Would you want to see his own FANS tear him down? I really hope not. We need to stop being so controlling and just let Justin LIVE. We need to rebuild the Belieber family. We need to focus on the positive things, instead of the drama.

I hope this changes some of your minds. Feel free to comment. ♥

The Biebs Goes to Hooters!

Yeah, you heard me. Bieber recently hit up a Hooters restaurant. If you don’t know what Hooters is, you need to get out more Google it.

Justin uploaded this to Instagram, which seems to be his new weapon of choice for causing chaos on Twitter. You gotta admit, though – this picture is funny. (Note where his finger is, hehe.)

Wonder if Selena was with? Talk about awkward…

All Things ‘Instagram’, and My Personal Thoughts on Justin’s Behavior

Lately, Justin’s drama-starting method of choice has been an app called Instagram. Basically, it’s a picture sharing site where users can follow other users and view the photos they post. Most people think you have to have an iPhone or iPad to view the photos, but actually, you can just go here: and look at all of Justin’s photos.

Everyone has been flipping out because Justin has been posting photos, mostly of him and Selena, on Instagram, and not to Twitter. SUCH a big deal, right? *Rolls eyes.* It’s really, really not. Some people need to take a deep breath and step back from all things Bieber, because honestly, in the scheme of things – do these pictures really matter? Do they change who Justin Bieber is as an artist? No. They do not.

His username used to be “swagisme”, but he changed it to “justinbieber” last night. My theory on why he did that? Because everyone was finding his photos anyway, so he probably changed the name to seem more public. I’m guessing that, when he made the Instagram account, he wanted it to be at least semi-private. But then, he used it to post a couple pictures to Twitter (maybe even accidentally?) and everyone knows about it now. He probably wanted to show us that he’s not trying to hide anything, but that kind of backfired on him.

I can see why some people are getting annoyed, I really can. Justin has two choices. Either be open with his personal life and who he dates, or keep it private. By posting pictures of his relationship on Instagram, but not to Twitter, it seems like he’s trying to find a happy medium, but it just creates more drama. I’m a firm believer that we need to stay OUT of Justin’s personal life and just support his music and life choices, but Justin is not always the good guy in these situations. He’s young, and still learning. He needs to find a way to balance his fans and his personal life, without causing so much uprising. Yes, he needs to stay as normal as possible, but he also needs to realize that he’s famous now. There are some things that he just has to work on, and I believe he’ll figure that out, eventually.

We also, as fans, need to realize that Justin is a person. He makes mistakes, causes drama that he doesn’t mean to, and really, truly does love our support. We need to be there for him through the ups and the downs, and not take everything he does (or posts) so seriously.

I write this with the utmost support for Justin. I love the person he is, and the career he has. I just hope he figures out that sometimes, he doesn’t handle situations to the best of his abilities. He’ll learn.

Sorry; this turned from a factual post about Instagram to a rant about Justin’s personal choices. Anyways…..

Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment.

Who the Bieber is Rodel?!

About a day ago, Justin posted this tweet about someone named Rodel:

It took everyone a while to figure out who Rodel was, but if you’ve been following Justin’s instagram posts, you could find the answer there.

You can see that the caption is “Everyone meet Rodel.” Apparently, he was Justin and Selena’s waiter when they went out for Selena’s birthday dinner.

Nothing too mind-boggling, but if you didn’t figure that out already, then there you go!

A Little Bieber-Boy Bonding, and More Matching Tattoos!

Justin’s new tattoo is slightly old news, but the pictures of him getting it done just came out yesterday. Contrary to popular belief that it was just henna, it actually is a real, permanent tattoo!

Justin and his dad, Jeremy Bieber, got matching tattoos under their left arms. The writing is the Hebrew word for “Jesus”, a representation of Justin’s strong faith.

This is the second tattoo that the boys share. They also both have a small bird on their right hip, a tradition in the family for boys when they turn 16.

So cute how the two are bonding over their body art, and is it just me, or does anyone else find it extremely adorable how Justin is holding Jeremy’s hand? AWWW.

Do you like the Biebs’ tattoos?

Jelena on Selena’s Birthday – Happy Birthday, Sel!

Before I even start this post, I’d just like to point out – whose blog from a couple days ago was 100% correct? 😉 Yeah. Okay. Moving on…

So, it was Selena’s birthday today. Honestly, I expected Twitter to literally explode from all the Jelena drama. And yes, there was a fair share of it, but for the first half of the day, at least, Beliebers maintained their cool. I, for one, am proud. There’s always going to be those people who make drama out of anything, but it’s nice to see some of us getting our acts together and respecting Justin’s girlfriend on her “special day”. (Justin’s own words… hehehe. Nice segway into what I have to say next.)

So, we all saw it, and we all probably took it in a perverted way for at least a couple seconds. Justin’s tweet to Selena in her birthday was actually more than I expected him to say. Knowing his normal less-than-open behavior towards all things ‘Jelena’, I expected a generic tweet along the lines of “happy bday to my good friend @selenagomez!!!!” Emphasis on the friend, right, Justin?

But no, his tweet was actually semi-personal, and I think he deserves a pat on the back for that. What’s even better was the reaction to the tweet. Instead of sparking nasty remarks and death threats to Selena (yikes), Beliebers took the tweet as Justin referring  to his and Selena’s, erm, bedroom plans? There was even an attempt to trend #birthdaysex. All in good-natured fun, of course, and some of the tweets were pretty hilarious. It was just nice to see Justin’s fans having fun and joking around, instead of fighting with each other over somebody else’s relationship.

Then, there was the Jelena spotting at a doughnut shop. @CamrynRocks spotted them there and uploaded the picture to Twitpic, and that thing spread like wildfire. There was the typical “That awkward moment when Beliebers all think Justin meant ‘special day’ as in #birthdaysex, but it really means DONUTS!” tweet, and a bunch of people trashing Selena’s just-woke-up, sweats and slippers outfit.

Can I just say this? Yes, I find it strange how Selena was wearing slippers and sweats out in public, on her birthday. But is it really a crime? She’s a person. You have to remember that. Celebrities are PEOPLE. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like dressing up. Look at yourself right now. More than half of you are probably wearing something just as sloppy, so don’t judge. Also, I think it’s adorable how Selena can dress like that around Justin and not give a care in the world. Anyway…

To end the night, this photo came out:

Justin posted it on his Instagram account. (Here.) Apparently, some people stalk it, because he did not upload this to Twitter, just to Instagram. The caption is “happy bday baby”, no less. It’s currently causing a mini-riot on Twitter, but honestly, it could be a LOT worse. Maybe we’re all (Justin included) getting a little more comfortable with the whole Jelena idea? It’s possible, but then why didn’t Justin post this on Twitter? He can be so strange sometimes. He obviously knew that his fans would find this – don’t we find everything? I swear, that boy does these things just so that he can creep on Twitter and watch the drama he causes. -.- (Kidding……. kind of.)

There you go – the events of the day, recapped for you in this lovely little blog post. 🙂 Hey, it’s only 10:15 as I write this, so there could be more to come. Honestly, I’m proud of the Beliebers on Twitter today. There was a LOT less drama than I thought there would be, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully we can all learn to respect Justin and Selena’s privacy. We support Justin and his music, and there’s no reason for us to be all up in his personal life.

Happy Birthday, Selena!


Selena’s Birthday Plans?

If you’re one of those hardcore Beliebers on Twitter, you’re most likely cringing just thinking about Friday, July 22. It’s Selena Gomez’s nineteenth birthday, and you KNOW that’s going to bring drama and rumors about what the Biebs is doing for her special day.

Actually, there already IS a rumor floating around. Selena told E! News that she thinks her mother might have something planned, but she’s not sure what. Hmmm… She also said this:

“I didn’t really ask for anything, so I’m basically just going to be at tour rehearsal during the day. Maybe go to dinner at night with my family. Pretty boring.”

I’m not buyin’ it. A high-profile celeb like Selena would definitely have something bigger than that planned, right? Especially when she’s dating Justin Bieber, who’s known to totally spoil her with gifts and trips on any regular day, let alone her BIRTHday. When Selena was asked if she has plans with Justin, she said this:

“I actually think he’ll be in Atlanta, but that’s OK. We all gotta work.”

Does anyone else find this actually kind of funny? Justin wouldn’t be without Selena on her birthday. Think back to Justin’s own big day, on March 1st. Remember the shopping trip, lovey-dovey photos, and famous paparazzi run-in? Let’s recall…

The pictures are sad, and the whole thing was a mess. Whose fault was it? The paparazzi’s. Which leads me to my point…

Selena is most likely trying to cover up her (and Justin’s) real birthday plans to avoid another Jelena paparazzi disaster. Justin knows how to treat a girl, and he wouldn’t let his own girlfriend’s birthday go unnoticed! Here’s more evidence, if you choose to believe it:

@girlleader1 on Twitter tweeted that to Scooter. He apparently replied with this DM:

Whether or not you think that’s a real DM; this is my blog, and in my opinion, it’s real. First of all, I don’t see any reason for @girlleader1 to fake this. What would she gain from it? Maybe a little Twitter fame, but we’ll be finding out the truth in a few days anyways, so it just doesn’t add up that it would be faked.

So, with the help of Scooter’s DM, and with my general knowledge of how Justin operates, I DEFINITELY think Selena has some surprises in store for her this Friday. 😉 Bieber does everything big. It’s possible that she knows nothing about Justin’s plans, but her interview could also just be a cover-up to throw the paps off.

Guess we’ll find out this Friday! What do you think Justin will do for Selena’s birthday? Do you think the DM is real? Leave a comment!

@ReppinStratford – Digging Deeper.

If you read my blog before it got popular with my post about Paige Conway (ha), then you saw my post about another possible Twitter that Justin might have. One of the accounts I looked into? @reppinstratford. Now I’m digging a little deeper into that.

This account confuses me. I want to just say that it’s another Bieber poser, because it most likely is, but the thing that keeps bringing me back around is the pictures the person posts via a linked Tumblr: Definitely scroll through that, because I need your help. Now, I personally have never seen any of these photos anywhere else on the internet, and they do seem like something that only the real Justin would have. They’re personal photos with family and friends, and it’s obviously Justin Bieber in the photos, not just shadows or something. Just the angles and situations in the photos alone seem personal, to me. They’re kind of random, and Justin’s calm and relaxed in most of them, so they’re not paparazzi shots. Check some of them out for yourself:

There are a lot more. I’m not saying they’re 100% personal photos and the person that has this Tumblr is definitely Justin! I’m guessing the photos just came off the internet, somewhere. People are always leaking personal shots of Justin, and this is probably not different. But whoever’s running this Tumblr is either Justin Bieber, or somebody who’s very good at finding rare photos of Justin…

The main flaw I see in this is that Justin would probably not have time to be posting old photos onto a Tumblr, for no real reason. If the person running the Tumblr isn’t Justin, then they would obviously have a reason to do this – to gain attention. And isn’t that what everyone on Twitter wants, anyway?

I NEED YOUR HELP. Please check out the Tumblr and leave a comment below – have you ever seen any of these pictures before, floating around the internet? Let’s bust this case together. 😉