@ReppinStratford – Digging Deeper.

If you read my blog before it got popular with my post about Paige Conway (ha), then you saw my post about another possible Twitter that Justin might have. One of the accounts I looked into? @reppinstratford. Now I’m digging a little deeper into that.

This account confuses me. I want to just say that it’s another Bieber poser, because it most likely is, but the thing that keeps bringing me back around is the pictures the person posts via a linked Tumblr: http://reppinstratford.tumblr.com/ Definitely scroll through that, because I need your help. Now, I personally have never seen any of these photos anywhere else on the internet, and they do seem like something that only the real Justin would have. They’re personal photos with family and friends, and it’s obviously Justin Bieber in the photos, not just shadows or something. Just the angles and situations in the photos alone seem personal, to me. They’re kind of random, and Justin’s calm and relaxed in most of them, so they’re not paparazzi shots. Check some of them out for yourself:

There are a lot more. I’m not saying they’re 100% personal photos and the person that has this Tumblr is definitely Justin! I’m guessing the photos just came off the internet, somewhere. People are always leaking personal shots of Justin, and this is probably not different. But whoever’s running this Tumblr is either Justin Bieber, or somebody who’s very good at finding rare photos of Justin…

The main flaw I see in this is that Justin would probably not have time to be posting old photos onto a Tumblr, for no real reason. If the person running the Tumblr isn’t Justin, then they would obviously have a reason to do this – to gain attention. And isn’t that what everyone on Twitter wants, anyway?

I NEED YOUR HELP. Please check out the Tumblr and leave a comment below – have you ever seen any of these pictures before, floating around the internet? Let’s bust this case together. 😉


7 responses

  1. hurmm, iv seen some of them before, about 4 or 5 of them, ages before he/she posted them but the rest iv never seen before, but i don’t see why Justin would post old pictures especially with his busy schedule. But hey, it could be him?:p

  2. i haven’t seen any of the pictures before but now he got this little chat thingy on tumblr and he said scotter helped me put this or whatever and what i don’t get is why would he said that he is justin by saying that scooter helped him, like isn’t he trying to be low key or something i don’t know

  3. omg go to his tumblr and look at his picture of him and the great wall of china if you look closely it looks like it was photoshoped, around his face and the benie! i think is not really him and with the little chat thingy i asked how do we know that you are justin and not some other person and he never answered and i asked again and still nothing so im guessing is not him

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