Selena’s Birthday Plans?

If you’re one of those hardcore Beliebers on Twitter, you’re most likely cringing just thinking about Friday, July 22. It’s Selena Gomez’s nineteenth birthday, and you KNOW that’s going to bring drama and rumors about what the Biebs is doing for her special day.

Actually, there already IS a rumor floating around. Selena told E! News that she thinks her mother might have something planned, but she’s not sure what. Hmmm… She also said this:

“I didn’t really ask for anything, so I’m basically just going to be at tour rehearsal during the day. Maybe go to dinner at night with my family. Pretty boring.”

I’m not buyin’ it. A high-profile celeb like Selena would definitely have something bigger than that planned, right? Especially when she’s dating Justin Bieber, who’s known to totally spoil her with gifts and trips on any regular day, let alone her BIRTHday. When Selena was asked if she has plans with Justin, she said this:

“I actually think he’ll be in Atlanta, but that’s OK. We all gotta work.”

Does anyone else find this actually kind of funny? Justin wouldn’t be without Selena on her birthday. Think back to Justin’s own big day, on March 1st. Remember the shopping trip, lovey-dovey photos, and famous paparazzi run-in? Let’s recall…

The pictures are sad, and the whole thing was a mess. Whose fault was it? The paparazzi’s. Which leads me to my point…

Selena is most likely trying to cover up her (and Justin’s) real birthday plans to avoid another Jelena paparazzi disaster. Justin knows how to treat a girl, and he wouldn’t let his own girlfriend’s birthday go unnoticed! Here’s more evidence, if you choose to believe it:

@girlleader1 on Twitter tweeted that to Scooter. He apparently replied with this DM:

Whether or not you think that’s a real DM; this is my blog, and in my opinion, it’s real. First of all, I don’t see any reason for @girlleader1 to fake this. What would she gain from it? Maybe a little Twitter fame, but we’ll be finding out the truth in a few days anyways, so it just doesn’t add up that it would be faked.

So, with the help of Scooter’s DM, and with my general knowledge of how Justin operates, I DEFINITELY think Selena has some surprises in store for her this Friday. 😉 Bieber does everything big. It’s possible that she knows nothing about Justin’s plans, but her interview could also just be a cover-up to throw the paps off.

Guess we’ll find out this Friday! What do you think Justin will do for Selena’s birthday? Do you think the DM is real? Leave a comment!


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