All Things ‘Instagram’, and My Personal Thoughts on Justin’s Behavior

Lately, Justin’s drama-starting method of choice has been an app called Instagram. Basically, it’s a picture sharing site where users can follow other users and view the photos they post. Most people think you have to have an iPhone or iPad to view the photos, but actually, you can just go here: and look at all of Justin’s photos.

Everyone has been flipping out because Justin has been posting photos, mostly of him and Selena, on Instagram, and not to Twitter. SUCH a big deal, right? *Rolls eyes.* It’s really, really not. Some people need to take a deep breath and step back from all things Bieber, because honestly, in the scheme of things – do these pictures really matter? Do they change who Justin Bieber is as an artist? No. They do not.

His username used to be “swagisme”, but he changed it to “justinbieber” last night. My theory on why he did that? Because everyone was finding his photos anyway, so he probably changed the name to seem more public. I’m guessing that, when he made the Instagram account, he wanted it to be at least semi-private. But then, he used it to post a couple pictures to Twitter (maybe even accidentally?) and everyone knows about it now. He probably wanted to show us that he’s not trying to hide anything, but that kind of backfired on him.

I can see why some people are getting annoyed, I really can. Justin has two choices. Either be open with his personal life and who he dates, or keep it private. By posting pictures of his relationship on Instagram, but not to Twitter, it seems like he’s trying to find a happy medium, but it just creates more drama. I’m a firm believer that we need to stay OUT of Justin’s personal life and just support his music and life choices, but Justin is not always the good guy in these situations. He’s young, and still learning. He needs to find a way to balance his fans and his personal life, without causing so much uprising. Yes, he needs to stay as normal as possible, but he also needs to realize that he’s famous now. There are some things that he just has to work on, and I believe he’ll figure that out, eventually.

We also, as fans, need to realize that Justin is a person. He makes mistakes, causes drama that he doesn’t mean to, and really, truly does love our support. We need to be there for him through the ups and the downs, and not take everything he does (or posts) so seriously.

I write this with the utmost support for Justin. I love the person he is, and the career he has. I just hope he figures out that sometimes, he doesn’t handle situations to the best of his abilities. He’ll learn.

Sorry; this turned from a factual post about Instagram to a rant about Justin’s personal choices. Anyways…..

Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment.


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