Today’s Daily Drama – Where’s Justin?

I signed on to Twitter today, only to see my timeline exploding with drama. “So where’s Justin? Canada, Florida? IS HE LYING TO US?!?!?” *Sigh.* I decided to write this to clear some things up and give you my idea on what’s going on here.

Justin tweeted this today at about noon:

Okay, so he’s in Canada. That’s good; he’s with family, right? Well, when Sean Kingston tweeted this, people flipped out:

Sean says that Justin’s coming to hang with him, but Sean is in Florida:

So, naturally, some Beliebers jumped to the conclusion that Justin’s really in Florida and is lying about being in Canada. Um…. okay. No.

First of all, Justin’s very rich. Obviously. And he has a private plane.Β If he wanted to make a stop in Canada to see family and friends before flying to Florida tonight, he definitely could. It’s like some of y’all haven’t heard of planes; my goodness.

Tonight, Justin will probably tweet something about being with his “big bro Sean!!!!!” and we’ll look like idiots for accusing Justin of lying about where he is. Why would he lie about that, anyway?

Let’s get this straight – Justin hides some things (with good reason), but I do not believe that he’d ever outright LIE to his fans. Especially about something like this, when he has no real reason to lie in the first place.

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