Jelena on Selena’s Birthday – Happy Birthday, Sel!

Before I even start this post, I’d just like to point out – whose blog from a couple days ago was 100% correct? 😉 Yeah. Okay. Moving on…

So, it was Selena’s birthday today. Honestly, I expected Twitter to literally explode from all the Jelena drama. And yes, there was a fair share of it, but for the first half of the day, at least, Beliebers maintained their cool. I, for one, am proud. There’s always going to be those people who make drama out of anything, but it’s nice to see some of us getting our acts together and respecting Justin’s girlfriend on her “special day”. (Justin’s own words… hehehe. Nice segway into what I have to say next.)

So, we all saw it, and we all probably took it in a perverted way for at least a couple seconds. Justin’s tweet to Selena in her birthday was actually more than I expected him to say. Knowing his normal less-than-open behavior towards all things ‘Jelena’, I expected a generic tweet along the lines of “happy bday to my good friend @selenagomez!!!!” Emphasis on the friend, right, Justin?

But no, his tweet was actually semi-personal, and I think he deserves a pat on the back for that. What’s even better was the reaction to the tweet. Instead of sparking nasty remarks and death threats to Selena (yikes), Beliebers took the tweet as Justin referring  to his and Selena’s, erm, bedroom plans? There was even an attempt to trend #birthdaysex. All in good-natured fun, of course, and some of the tweets were pretty hilarious. It was just nice to see Justin’s fans having fun and joking around, instead of fighting with each other over somebody else’s relationship.

Then, there was the Jelena spotting at a doughnut shop. @CamrynRocks spotted them there and uploaded the picture to Twitpic, and that thing spread like wildfire. There was the typical “That awkward moment when Beliebers all think Justin meant ‘special day’ as in #birthdaysex, but it really means DONUTS!” tweet, and a bunch of people trashing Selena’s just-woke-up, sweats and slippers outfit.

Can I just say this? Yes, I find it strange how Selena was wearing slippers and sweats out in public, on her birthday. But is it really a crime? She’s a person. You have to remember that. Celebrities are PEOPLE. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like dressing up. Look at yourself right now. More than half of you are probably wearing something just as sloppy, so don’t judge. Also, I think it’s adorable how Selena can dress like that around Justin and not give a care in the world. Anyway…

To end the night, this photo came out:

Justin posted it on his Instagram account. (Here.) Apparently, some people stalk it, because he did not upload this to Twitter, just to Instagram. The caption is “happy bday baby”, no less. It’s currently causing a mini-riot on Twitter, but honestly, it could be a LOT worse. Maybe we’re all (Justin included) getting a little more comfortable with the whole Jelena idea? It’s possible, but then why didn’t Justin post this on Twitter? He can be so strange sometimes. He obviously knew that his fans would find this – don’t we find everything? I swear, that boy does these things just so that he can creep on Twitter and watch the drama he causes. -.- (Kidding……. kind of.)

There you go – the events of the day, recapped for you in this lovely little blog post. 🙂 Hey, it’s only 10:15 as I write this, so there could be more to come. Honestly, I’m proud of the Beliebers on Twitter today. There was a LOT less drama than I thought there would be, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully we can all learn to respect Justin and Selena’s privacy. We support Justin and his music, and there’s no reason for us to be all up in his personal life.

Happy Birthday, Selena!