Karaoke, Among Other Things…

By now, you’ve probably seen this. Basically, Justin and Selena are singing a karaoke duet together in Los Angeles. The song is “Picture” by Sheryl Crow, by the way. At the end, Justin swoops Selena down into a kiss, kind of like the ones in fairytales.

This video caused quite a stir, but I honestly don’t get why. It’s two teens having fun, singing karaoke, and goofing around. Yes, they were off-key – and I’m sure they were TRYING to be. This isn’t a concert; when you sing karaoke, it’s for fun, and you usually don’t make a big effort to sound your best.

The kiss at the end = yawn. It’s just a kiss; grow up. I’m not even going to address that.

The only part I don’t get is, why was TMZ there? I thought this was a private thing? I’m pretty sure Justin and Selena wouldn’t have invited paparazzi to their karoke night, but hey, maybe they’re trying to make amends after the paparazzi incidents they’ve gotten into before…. *cough* Justin’s birthday *cough*.

Anyways, I think this is a lame attempt at creating more Jelena drama. What do you think about the video?